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Miguel Hampton Campaign Question & Answer:

  1. Why should voters elect you to the city council?

    Far too long our municipality has been governed and managed by a select few, it is a nepotistic culture, and doesn’t value transparency (exclusive and ambiguous culture); driven by people who have an obscure vision of a future. They are benefiting from the whole, while only helping the few. We live in a municipality, not a fiefdom. We have elected officials not Lords. Are we charged with supporting elected leaders and public servants, when they are not working for the benefit of the community as a whole?  It is my/our civic duty to work with them as well as hold them accountable, question, and speak on behalf of our constituents to ensure our voices are heard and policy is being created as such.

    I believe our residence should elect me to city council, if they want someone is willing to challenge the status quo, who has integrity, who wants to build a community that is inclusive, a community that all our children and our grandchildren will thrive in. It’s time we elect community leaders who will work for all of Jeffersonville not just some of Jeffersonville. From the lifetime residents, to the new residents; from big businesses to small business; from those who prosper greatly to those who are doing all they can just to get by.  I am “That Guy”, Miguel Hampton, I am asking for Jeffersonville to vote for me, so that we as a community can start building, a thriving Jeffersonville for US! 

  1. What is currently being done well in Jeffersonville, and what would you do differently if elected?

    Depending on who you speak with, there are many things that are being done well, there are many things that are being ignored, and can be done better. I am a candidate and resident who is not easily distracted by  “bright and shiny” accomplishments. I question and understand the implications of our city’s growth and development. Some  of which are good, and others need some serious attention.

    A few things, I believe we can do better.

    Done Well: The business development and entertainment of downtown.
    Not Done Well: The planning, development and entertainment as it relates to the diversity and inclusion in downtown, with respect to small business and residents.
    Done Well: Creating low to middle income job opportunities.
    Not Done Well: Creating Middle to High Level income job opportunities.
    Done Well: Talk about and discussions about developing Jeffersonville talent pool.
    Not Done Well: The execution of a real plan to identify and development of Jeffersonville’s talent pool.
    Not Done Well:  The development of an innovative and entrepreneurial growth culture.
    Not Done Well: The management and development of our infrastructure,  ongoing sewage issues, EPA mandates and the flooding of the city.
    Done Well: Spot development, segregated planning, and good marketing
    Not Done Well: Creating the framework to solidify long term growth and an action plan to sustain a thriving Jeffersonville for all.

    What I would Do:  Start by getting the City Council and other stakeholders to Create a Collaborative Framework that will allow us to build a comprehensive master plan for the sustainable and overall development of jeffersonville.

  1. Affordable housing has been a prominent regional issue in recent years. Though new housing has come to Jeffersonville, some have argued that much of it is not reasonable for working-class citizens. How would you remedy the concerns of those who say not enough is being done?

    Truth is affordable housing is a very complex issue, because there are so many variables to include when discussing how to remedy the concerns that “not enough is not being done.” But I would totally agree that more can be done to address the issues of affordable housing. We have an increasingly large homeless population. I know what it’s like to be homeless as a child, to live in a car with my single mom. I know what it’s like to live in a homeless shelter, and in subpar housing.  Many of our homeless are homeless, not due to moral failure and poor government planning. We have families that live in thriving areas, that they have been priced out of adequate and affordable housing and sadly many of us are not far from this reality.

    The term “affordable housing” is relative and at times a misnomer depending on what part of our demographic to which we are referring. Affordable households with a median income of $63,688 annually looks different for household of $30,000 a year. The question is how do we include all demographic’s in the development and growth of the city.

    Remedy: Let’s create a broader vision for Jeffersonville that is focused on creating new housing opportunities for both new and our current residents at all income levels. We have enough brain power and resources in the city to develop an equitable housing plan for all us. I know there are no easy or simple answers. But by bringing all stakeholders and experts to the table, I believe we can develop a comprehensive strategy and plan. As your next Councilman at Large, I am committed to working on and addressing our housing issues.

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Got to hang out with the Dana Black!!!
Also had the opportunity to meet Jerone B. Wood, who is running for City Council in Columbus Indiana! This brother is on the move and is super impressive!

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